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Malcolm MacKillop, a founding member of SOM LLP, has 25+ years of experience as an employment lawyer with a human rights specialty.

Malcolm MacKillop’s extensive career history has a common thread linking each endeavor: he always seeks out opportunities to advocate for important causes. Whether he does so via legal representation or through philanthropic work, Malcolm aims to make a difference for marginalized groups around the world.

From the very start of his legal career, Malcolm has worked to discover and define the application of privacy or human rights laws to various stages of employment, from background checks to employee obligations to wrongful dismissal. Much of his work has centered on uncovering discriminatory practices regarding employees’ races, genders, or disabilities.

Malcolm MacKillop is a member of both the Newfoundland and Labrador Bar and the Ontario Bar (1989).  He is also certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in civil litigation.

In 2009 Malcolm MacKillop founded Lawyers International Food Enterprise (“LIFE”), a not-for-profit organization with the objective of raising awareness of child poverty in Africa and raising money from the legal community to support The Stephen Lewis Foundation and World Vision. Since its founding, LIFE has garnered support from leading lawyers and judges from across Canada, and has led to Malcolm’s recognition by various industry peers and federal officials.

In 2011, Lexpert awarded LIFE the Zenith Award – “Philanthropy that Impacts Internationally”. To date LIFE has raised over $600,000.00 and has changed the lives of thousands of children in Africa. In 2013, the Governor General of Canada awarded Malcolm the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for “Philanthropy that Impacts Internationally.”

In addition to LIFE, Malcolm enjoys getting involved in other initiatives to give back to his community. He is an active member of “Feed the Hungry” program run by The Law Society of Upper Canada, to which he provides financial support and serves weekly meals to homeless individuals. He is also a past board member of the National Ballet of Canada, the Toronto Human Resources Professional Association, and the National Club.

This blog will focus on the human issues that drive Malcolm MacKillop to seek change and improvement in his community and in the world at large.